2022 16th International Conference on Complex Medical Engineering (CME 2022)
Dr. Dong Ming

Dr. Dong Ming


Dong Ming

Professor, Medical College of Tianjin University

Presentation title: Development and challenge for non-invasive BCIs


Brain computer interaction is the highest form for human machine interaction, which is the only way of fusing the biology intelligence and artificial intelligence. As one of the important methods for brain computer interaction, brain computer interface (BCI) technology has become a hot topic in the field of brain science, which is of great significance to the development of modern medicine. In this presentation, we start with some basic overview on BCI and summarize the common trend for invasive and non-invasive BCIs. Then, research progress of our research team, Neural Engineering Research Group at Tianjin University, is presented, including fundamental mechanism of neuroscience, methods of brain activity sensing, software /hardware systems, key technology in encoding/decoding and some typical applications, which covered the whole technology chain of the BCI technology. In the last section, the development trend and future of BCI is summarized.


Prof. Ming is a recipient of The National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, an expert of the National "Ten Thousand Talents Program", Ministry of Science and Technology Young and Middle-aged Science and Technology Innovation Leaders, State Council Government Special Allowance Expert, IFESS Life Member, IEEE Senior Member, IEEE-EMBS Tianjin Chapter Chairman, Executive Director of China Biomedical Engineering Society, Youth Working Committee, Vice Chairman of Medical Neuroengineering Committee, etc. He is an executive director of the Biomedical Engineering Society of China, a member of the Youth Working Committee, a member of the Medical Neuroengineering Committee, etc. He is an Associate Editor for Medical & Biological Eng & Computing (MBEC), an Associate Editor of the International Journal of Biomedical Engineering, and an editor of The Foot, Journal of Instrumentation, Journal of Aerospace Medicine and Medical Engineering, etc. (MBEC), Associate Editor for International Journal of Biomedical Engineering, and Editorial Board Member of The Foot, Journal of Instrumentation, Aerospace Medicine and Medical Engineering, Advances in Biochemistry and Biophysics, etc. 

He has been in charge of 7 National Natural Science Foundation of China projects, including key projects and major projects, and more than 10 projects in military and aerospace industries, and is the leader of the "Intelligent Robot" key project of the National Key Research and Development Program. He has been granted more than 80 national invention patents and soft publications, and many international patents under PCT; his papers have been selected as JNE Highlight, JNER Highly Accessed, IEEE TBME Cover Paper, etc., and reported in Science and Nature. and its Application to Biomedical Engineering".